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Mr. Hartford’s novels have a little bit of everything: drama, suspense, romance, comedy and, of course, steamy moments. But more than anything, you are drawn into a world that is magical and captivating. And all of this is possible because of Mr Hartford’s imagination and creativeness.

Jessie Duchannes
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Jackie Barnett Reader

Devon Hartford continues to put a smile on my face with every steamy book he completes. He has a wonderful array of characters that keep me laughing, swooning and on occasion even holding back tears. He is a true romantic that keeps you wanting more.

Sexy Romantic Comedy set in College

The Story of Samantha Smith, books 1-3


 Samantha Smith hopes to shed her troubled past and reinvent herself as a freshman at San Diego University. When she crosses paths with a handsome tattoo-clad bad boy, her life is turned upside down,


Now that Samantha Smith has confronted the demons from her dark past in FEARLESS, she will be tested to the limits of her resilience, and must discover how truly Fearless she can be in the name of love.


The exciting, steamy, action packed conclusion to the Story of Samantha Smith! Follow Samantha through the remainder of her difficult first year in college at sunny San Diego University.

The tension in Cover Model is so thick you can cut it with a knife; not to mention the challenge Connor has to overcome to get between Electra’s sexy legs to the honey pot! Once these two collide, it's beyond hot, and animalistic! Stealing Chastity is just as hotLance and Chastity go at it hard, and fast; it'll leave you gasping for air, or a cold shower!!!

Sharla Metheny

Scorching hot Alpha Male sex comedies with heart

Stealing Chastity

My new neighbor Lance McKnight is rude, crude, and totally irresistible. My mom hates him. She calls him a bad influence. She says he’s going to corrupt me. That's what I'm hoping...

Cover Model

They called him Connor HUGE. Connor Hughes f**ked his way through every girl in my high school. Except Me. We hated each other. Now I’m stuck shadowing him all weekend long at the world’s largest Romance Convention.

Stepbrother Obsessed

Skye Albright is starting her senior year. Her biggest focus in life is doing well on the SAT. Her sexy stepbrother Dante Lord is a high school dropout turned world traveler. From the moment Skye and Dante meet, the sparks fly.

The sweet & steamy romances

Victory RUN is quite extraordinary. It's written about a subject with passion and an intimate insight and understanding by someone who clearly lives and breathes music. Devon Hartford's enthusiasm and love for the electric guitar is partly what holds you captive as you read. Victory RUN felt like it was very personal to the author. It is a very different vibe from his other books. But as usual it is packed to the rafters, it doesn't disappoint. The compulsion to not stop reading till the last page is ever present. Highly recommended, you will love it!

Julie Clarke Reader

Taking Back Beautiful

For the first time in her life, Daphne Bowman wants to get in shape. She wants to take her beauty back. Love is the last thing she’s looking for when she signs up for a membership at Body Fitness. Apollo Armstrong is a personal trainer with an emotional hole in his heart that he is trying to fill with the love of a good woman. From the moment they meet, their connection is electric.

One Year Love

River Freeman is heartbroken after the man she thought was her one true love mysteriously left. Drakken Skalakova fills the jagged hole in his heart with money, power, and sex. When Drakken and River’s paths crash together, they can’t deny their intense mutual attraction.

Victory RUN 1-2-3

Victory Payne is the hottest lead guitar player on the night club scene of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. With nothing but her car and her guitar, she’s ready to claw her way to success. The only thing standing in her way is a sexy roadblock named Kellan Burns.

Ann Capuccini Storm Reader

Devon never disappoints! His stories are heartwarming, steamy, and humorous with the occasional ugly cry. His characters are edgy, smart, artistic, witty, beautiful, hot, inked and entertaining, throw in a bad boy with a motorcycle and you’ve definitely got my attention!

#1 on Amazon Kindle in Romantic Erotica

#1 on Amazon Kindle in Humorous Erotica

"OMG, Stealing Chastity was a fantastic read! Wow. I'm still dumbfounded, even though I finished the book last night. I got immediately sucked into the story and couldn't let go."

Irma J.
Goodreads Reviewer

I have to say...OH. MY. GOD.......Stealing Chastity is AMAZING! I could not put it down......not even to sleep......I am totally in love with Lance and Chastity and I REALLY hope you continue their story.

Samantha Sheeley Reader
Nancy Goodreads Reviewer

Devon Hartford writes great young adult stories with interesting characters who turn out to be nothing like the reader expects them to be. Stealing Chastity was another entertaining book with lots of laughs, a few tears and an ending that was more than fine with this reader. Excellent writing and an original story line to boot.

Stealing Chastity

Every GOOD GIRL wants a BAD BOY to steal her virtue...


My new neighbor Lance McKnight is rude, crude, and totally irresistible.

My mom hates him. She says he's going to corrupt me. Lucky for me, Lance doesn't care what Mom thinks. From day one, he makes it clear he's going to have his way with me no matter what Mom says. Works for me. I'll do whatever Lance tells me.

No matter how bad it is...


I get what I want from women any time I want.

That pisses you off, doesn't it? Deal with it.

That's the hand life dealt me. I'm just making the most of it. What you don't know about me is, from what I've been through, it doesn't make up for much. That's all about to change. Because my new neighbor Chastity Shields is some kind of something else. Mmmm, mmmm.

I don't know what to make of her. But I want her. And I'm gonna take her.

Every last way I can think of...

WARNING: Just when you think you know where this book is going, it doesn't. Lance McKnight is a real bad boy. At first you'll hate him. But in the end you'll love him twice as much.

Recommended for ages 18+

Kelly Fallon SloaneBook Blogger, 2readornottoread

       Devon Hartford is truly amazing! I have read all of his books most more than once and they all leave me wanting more. He is one of those authors that on release day you wake up early just to read. He always gives us what we want smart sexy intriguing stories that make us wish we could be in the book instead of reading it.


Romance + Drama + Comedy

Every Devon Hartford novel is filled with romance, drama, and comedy.

And made up words like Romamedy.

About Devon

Before becoming a novelist, Devon Hartford worked as an artist and musician, but his passion for romantic comedies has been with him since day one. Ever since seeing the movie There's Something About Mary, he knew he would eventually write his own romantic comedies. His first novel, Fearless, was the #1 Romantic Comedy on Amazon when it debuted in 2013. It combines Devon's trademark brand of laughs + steam + ugly cries.

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